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Anky Technology Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of 4g wifi ubox app solar security cameras, tuya smart app 4g wifi solar security cameras, 30X optical zoom 4G WiFi solar security cameras, Hikvision-special solar power supply systems, etc.

The 4g wifi solar surveillance camera is processed by solar panel, battery, and 4g/wifi camera. The working principle is that solar energy can receive sunlight energy and convert it into electricity, and then store the electricity in the battery to power the 4/wifi camera, 4g/wifi Signal transmission sends the video recording to your mobile APP, no matter when and where you are, you can monitor remotely in real-time.

Solar surveillance camera is a new type of patented product with wide application and strong practicability, It is specialized in solving areas where there is no electricity, no network, and high wiring costs, but remote monitoring is required. It helps users realize remote video surveillance even when there is no electricity or network. It is mainly used in homes, villas, beaches, construction sites, ships, vegetable planting bases, flower planting bases, animal husbandry, mining areas, islands, hydropower stations, forests, aquaculture, etc.

The market demand for solar surveillance cameras is huge, Since our company launched the first generation of solar surveillance cameras in 2017, it has filled the gap in the market for such products and helped customers solve the pain points of no electricity, no network, and high wiring costs that cannot be installed, It has received unanimous praise from users and the market, and a win-win situation for users and businesses is truly realized. The market demand for solar security cameras is strong, and the market prospect is broad, There are still more than 90% blank markets waiting to be developed.

We are now officially opening global investment channels, and sincerely invite you to join us and become our agent or wholesale partner. We can provide competitive prices, and simultaneously provide you with a full set of product pictures, parameters, videos, product software, and hardware knowledge training, market Marketing training, and other materials to help you learn products as soon as possible, understand products, open up the market, better serve customers and win the market as soon as possible. Welcome to consult and order our solar security camera products anytime, anywhere, let us contribute to the career of green, energy-saving, and environmental protection together.

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