Q: Does the solar camera built-in battery?
A: Yes, Built-in rechargeable battery and can be charged circularly

Q: Thieves steal solar cameras?
A: Maybe thieves steal the solar cameras, but our solar cam supports cloud storage so that we can remotely follow and find out the cam.

Q: How long do solar cameras last?
A: We have a different item for different standby times, pls. send us your inquiry.

Q: Do solar-powered security camera work at night?
A: Yes, the Solar camera can work at night, and the image is very clear in the colorful daytime.

Q: Do solar cameras work in winter?
A: Yes, solar cameras can work in winter.

Q: Do solar cameras work in rainy weather?
A: Yes, the solar cameras can work in rainy weather

Q: What is the best solar security camera?
A: Our best solar camera is a PRO-level solar security camera and 4K motorized lens solar camera.

Q: Do solar-powered cameras need wifi?
A: We have 2 versions of the solar camera, one is WiFi version solar camera that requests a WiFi signal for connection, and another one is 4G version solar camera that requests inserting 4G SIM card signal for connection.

Q: Do solar cameras need direct sunlight? what happens if there isn’t enough sun?
A: Yes, the solar camera will charge faster and smoother if direct sunlight.
If sunlight is not enough, the solar camera will be charged slowly.
But don’t worry, the solar camera has built-in batteries and saved power on sunshine days.

Q: Do solar cameras easy to install?
A: Yes, you can plug&play it without any professional staff to help.


Written by Anky Technology Co., Ltd.  

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