Solar security camera for mining solution/project case

Project Location: Mining area-China
Project date: May 2022
Camera item NO.:S10-2MP (4G  version)

Camera mobile APP name: Ubox

Q: Why choose this item for the project?

Re: The customer told us that the mining is located in a remote mountainous area with no electricity or network, and the cost of installing the network and electricity is very high. They asked us if there is any product that can realize remote monitoring with mobile phones without electricity or network.

so we recommend the customer take item NO. S10  4G solar surveillance camera 
It can realize remote monitoring of mobile phones without power or network because the camera supports inserting 4G SIM traffic card, which converts 4G signals into wireless WiFi signals, and the 8-watt single crystalline silicon solar cell charges quickly and converts power fastly, built-in six 18650 batteries with a total of 15600 mAh battery storage power, can work for 20~30 days in rainy days.

In this way, it can be remotely monitored by mobile phone without electricity or network.

Our camera hardware and software are easy to operate and install, and you can operate and install it by yourself without professionals.
This camera reduces capital costs and labor costs for our customers by more than 90%.


If you have similar project problems, you can consult us at any time, we will formulate a set of energy-saving, time-saving, labor-saving, and efficient intelligent security monitoring solutions according to your situation!

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