What is mean low power camera?

Q: What is mean low power camera?

A: Low power technology means the power consumption of the camera is much lower than
a traditional security camera. Low-power surveillance technology in the Anky Technology
Solar-Powered Security System is mainly achieved with lower power consumption by the
chip, reduced frame rates of the video, and switchable work mode of the module, while
keeping the camera responsive to events. The following are some of the schemes applied to
achieve this:
1. Lower System On Chip 

2. Low Power Hardware Design

3. Standby Mode

4. Configurable Threshold of Standby Mode

5. Configuring Scheduled Standby Mode 

6. Quick Imaging for Live View

7. Battery Power Reporting Platform


 Best Low-power Consumption Solar Camera Recommend:

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OEM Tuya/Ubox APP Solar Energy Camera-S12

OEM Tuya smart/Ubox PRO-level Solar PTZ Dome Camera S100

OEM Tuya/Ubox APP Solar Floodlight Security Camera F40


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